Natural Healing: Candida Quiz

Candida can be a very troublesome problem, and you will come across a lot of medicines and pills you will need to overcome. However, while those medicines definitely help, there are ways to get rid of them naturally. So how do you tell when you have candida, and what are the symptoms? Well, if you ever come across a candida quiz, the answer will be rather simple. The common symptoms of candida can be a craving for sugar or food that has sugar, brain fog and mood swings, fungal infections, and bloating after meals. If they keep recurring, you might have a problem with your gut health caused by candida, a Bacteria present in small amounts.

They are rather harmless in that state, but the problem is when they start to overgrow and can cause a variety of health problems. But as said before, there are ways to get better naturally, all of which are dietary. To tackle candida overgrowth, you need to understand what feeds them. You can get a lot of answers on a Candida Quiz, but the most common feeders are Caffeine, Alcohol, Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Starchy Vegetables, Beans, Foods with high Glycemic and fermented foods.When your digestive system breaks them down, these kinds of food turn to sugar, which is a big “no.”

The most important part of this Candida quiz is the food that can help you fight yeast overgrowth. First is coconut oil, which helps break down the walls that get formed by the yeast, thanks to the high caprylic acid content. The next one is garlic, which acts as an antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal agent; when eaten raw, don’t cook it!

Now ginger is another ingredient you can find lying around your kitchen, an antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent. Having ginger tea can also help in many ways, so remember to incorporate it into your diets as often as possible. You can also go for lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar which are both antifungals. Reading up on candida overgrowth, playing candida quiz, going through home treatment guides, etc., can be very helpful.

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